German Embassy revamps Lesedi la Batho facilities

Jul 18, 2017

For this year’s Mandela Day, acting German Ambassador Klaus Streicher and several dozen Embassy colleagues helped set up a vegetable garden and a soccer pitch for children in the Mabopane township north of Pretoria.

Embassy staff laying out a vegetable garden Enlarge image Embassy staff laying out a vegetable garden (© German Embassy Pretoria) Working hand in hand with volunteers from the Lesedi la Batho non-governmental organization, Embassy staff helped to transform an overgrown, rocky patch of land into a soccer field. To test the new grounds, the pitch was inaugurated through a friendly match between young people from Mabopane and Embassy staffers.

Community members and Embassy colleagues also set up a vegetable garden next to the local community centre.

“We hope the new garden will allow neighbours from this community to grow their own fresh produce”, said Klaus Streicher. 

Acting German Ambassador Klaus Streicher and staff of Lesedi la Batho Enlarge image Acting German Ambassador Klaus Streicher and staff of Lesedi la Batho (© German Embassy Pretoria) “The work done by Lesedi la Batho is of remarkable value for the well-being of the Mabopane community. We are very happy to support this project and its volunteers in their important work”.

Chrisna Groenewald, managing director of Lesedi la Batho said: “Lesedi la Batho is honoured to partner with the German Embassy this Mandela Day. Establishing a much needed vegetable garden and renovating a soccer pitch for our children will add much value to the Mabopane community. We are deeply grateful towards the German people who are helping us to fulfill Madiba’s vision for our beautiful country”.

Together, Embassy colleagues and community members also painted Lesedi la Batho’s offices at the community centre. They ended their day with a joint meal.

About Lesedi la Batho

Lesedi la Batho in Mabopane Enlarge image (© German Embassy Pretoria) Established in 2011, Lesedi la Batho is committed to bringing hope to those in need. 

The organization is active in the Mabopane community in a variety of ways, including sports activities for young people, support for social enterprises, as well as skills training for adults. 

The organization also provides an education programme for toddlers and young children, thereby allowing their young mothers to finish their school education. The programme encourages the grandparents, who are often the main carers for these children, to go back into employment, aiming to break the cycle of poverty.

© German Embassy Pretoria

German Embassy supports Mandela Day in Mabopane

Setting up a soccer pitch at Lesedi la Batho

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