Germany and South Africa: Common strategy against climate change and poaching

Nov 15, 2016

Germany and South Africa have been strategic partners in fighting climate change for many years. Common projects and objectives in environmental affairs will be discussed by representatives of both countries during the Binational Commission on November 15 and 16 in Berlin.

Drakensberg in Mpumalanga Enlarge image Drakensberg in Mpumalanga (© picture-alliance/dpa) South Africa belongs to the 20 countries that produce the greatest amount of CO2 worldwide. At the same time it is strongly affected by climate change. Especially the poor population suffers from extreme weather conditions such as drought and flooding. This is why the country pursues a very ambitioned climate policy and plays an important role in the international climate change landscape.

Climate Support Programme

The German Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety (BMUB) supports South Africa with different projects as part of the International Climate Initiative. The main element of this is the Climate Support Programme which is conducted by the GIZ. The BMUB is working closely together with the South African Department of Environmental Affairs to fulfil the ambitious goals.

Coal power station emitting CO2 Enlarge image Coal power station emitting CO2 (© picture-alliance/blickwinkel/E.Teister) As part of this programme the GIZ cooperates with the Department of Environmental Affairs, especially in terms of scientific analysis and policy development. 

Together with the South African government the GIZ provides research results that analyse the dangers of climate change for society and the economy. This lead to an adaptation strategy and to the findings of which sectors (such as energy, industry and transport) emit the greatest amount of CO2. This way solutions could be found to reduce greenhouse gases. 

The German Embassy in Pretoria accompanies these projects closely and is engaged in the area of foreign climate policy. The department for climate and environment organises events regularly to foster dialogue, such as prior to international climate conferences. The embassy also provides financial means to support outreach-programmes and projects conducted by partner organisations.

Combatting poaching

Dehorned female rhino and male rhino Enlarge image Dehorned female rhino and male rhino (© picture alliance / dpa) Another important topic of discussion will be poaching. Germany is committed to promote species protection, especially in terms of educating the public and park rangers.

Environment minister Barbara Hendricks even attended the World Wildlife Conference in Johannesburg a couple of weeks ago, where directives against illegal ivory trade were established.

© German Embassy Pretoria

Binational Commission 2016: Climate change, anti-poaching

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