Science, Technology and Innovation

Deutscher Zukunftspreis Lichtmikroskop Enlarge image Germany is a land of ideas - Europe’s number 1 in terms of patent registrations - and among the most innovative countries worldwide. Internationally renowned institutions have made the country a hub of cutting-edge international science and research.

Germany is also a partner in innovation to South Africa, developing research capacity and facilities jointly through exchange programs, research initiatives, academic conferences and high-level delegate visits.


Research organizations

Science and research in Germany are characterized by a multi-faceted infrastructure, a wide variety of disciplines and well-equipped research facilities. This forms the structure of the three main pillars of the German research landscape: university research, industrial research as well as research conducted at institutes.

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Research cooperation with South Africa

South Africa holds the leading position in science, technology and innovation on the African continent and has a relatively well-developed research infrastructure. Accordingly, South Africa is Germany´s main cooperation partner on research, science and technology in Africa. Common research takes place in the areas of climate change, energy, astronomy, sustainability, biodiversity, geosciences, integrated water resource and sustainable land management, as well as advanced manufacturing.


Research Funding in Germany

Research and development together with the latest production methods are the basis for the innovations of tomorrow. German research funding aims to foster the development of new ideas and technologies. Funding is available in Germany for projects in a wide range of disciplines as well as for individual researchers. It spans the support of cutting-edge research at the various institutions to structural research funding at universities to promote innovation and technology transfer.

Science, Technology and Innovation

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