The International Climate Initiative

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The International Climate Initiative (ICI) has been financing climate protection projects in developing and newly industrialising countries since 2008. The ICI receives funding from emissions trading, representing an innovative financing mechanism to support partner countries in the area of climate protection.  Through the ICI, the German Environment Ministry finances projects in developing countries that reduce emissions and address adaptation to the consequences of climate change, supplementing existing German development cooperation.

Supermarket refrigerators

South Africa’s supermarkets are using climate-friendly refrigerants

An International Climate Initiative project has assisted South Africa’s largest nationwide supermarket chain Pick’n Pay in demonstrating that there are viable alternatives to fluorinated refrigerants such as CFCs and HCFCs that damage the ozone layer. Pick'n Pay now employs modern, low-energy systems that run on natural refrigerants and others chains in the region have begun to use this innovative technology.


South Africa and the ICI

Germany's International Climate Initiative has a number of projects underway in South Africa or already completed. Funding is provided through Germany's Environment Ministry and the focus is on providing financial support for international projects in climate change mitigation, adaptation and biodiversity.


Fellowships for leaders in climate protection

Year-long climate protection fellowships in Germany are being offered to prospective leaders from emerging and developing countries. The International Climate Protection Fellowship Programme is entering its third round, seeking talented individuals working in the field of climate protection and resource conservation in academia, business or administration. Applications may be submitted immediately.

ICI: In South Africa and worldwide

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Since the International Climate Initiative (ICI) was launched in 2008, the BMU has initiated 220 projects with funding totalling some 450 million Euro. The focus of ICI lies in the areas of promoting: a climate-friendly economy, the measures for adaptation to the impacts of climate change and measures for preservation and sustainable use of carbon reservoirs/ Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+). Find out more about the ICI on their website.

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