Facing climate change together

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In the international dialogue on climate change, South Africa is an important partner to Germany. Climate and energy have therefore been a priority area of cooperation in German Development Cooperation with South Africa since 2008. There is potential for cooperation particularly in the field of renewable energies, but also in energy efficiency in the industrial and transport sectors.

Working with South Africa to combat climate change

Germany is committed to supporting South Africa in climate change, environmental protection and energy efficiency. Through development cooperation, projects that address these concerns are implemented.


South Africa and the ICI

Germany's International Climate Initiative has a number of projects underway in South Africa or already completed. Funding is provided through Germany's Environment Ministry and the focus is on providing financial support for international projects in climate change mitigation, adaptation and biodiversity.

Partner to South Africa in climate change

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Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH

The GIZ is responsible for the implementation of the development policy projects and programs of the German government. It was formed in late 2010, from the merger of the German development agencies GTZ (German Technical Cooperation), DED (German Development Service) and InWEnt (Capacity Building International).