South Africa and the ICI

The International Climate Initiative (ICI), funded by Germany's Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU), began financing climate protection projects in 2008. Themed “One World. One International Climate Initiative”, its main focus is on providing financial support for international projects in climate change mitigation, adaptation and biodiversity projects with climate relevance in developing and new industrialising countries. One of these countries is South Africa.

Below is a short summary of the the projects that have been initiated in South Africa thus far.

Current projects
Enlarge image (© picture-alliance/dpa) Several projects have been implemented over the last few years. The “Programme of Activities (PoA) Stimulus Facility” has been in place since 2010 and is a pilot project for carbon dioxine certifications. Additionally, the GIZ’s programme “Developing Climate Policy Capacity within the South African Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism” supports the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEA) in developing political capacities and their implementation. This also includes cooperation in preparing international climate conferences. It has been complemented by a project that implements a Monitoring-Reporting-Verification-system (MRV-system). Another successful initiative is the transition from halogenated to natural refrigerants in supermarkets. Some of South Africa’s supermarkets already use climate-friendly refrigerants.

Completed projects

Successfully completed projects for example are “Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Large Cities”, the “Assessment of Solar and Wind Energy Resources” and the “Protection of wetlands in the Cape region”. Also the “Basic Energy and Climate Change Adaptation Programme“ (BECCAP) to reduce greenhouse gasses reached its goal by implementing a Carbon Business Facility.

Selection process
In general, the KfW banking group and GIZ (Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH) play a key role in identifying and implementing projects. There is a two step procedure for selecting them: in the first stage, project outlines submitted by applicants are evaluated. The following step is a formal funding application that is reviewed by the BMU.

ICI projects in South Africa


International Climate Initiative

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The International Climate Initiative (ICI) has been financing climate protection projects in developing and newly industrialising countries since 2008. The ICI receives funding from emissions trading, representing an innovative financing mechanism to support partner countries in the area of climate protection.  Through the ICI, the German Environment Ministry finances projects in developing countries that reduce emissions and address adaptation to the consequences of climate change, supplementing existing German development cooperation.