Securing a reliable, economically viable and environmentally sound energy supply is one of the great challenges of the 21st century. The German government has formulated guidelines for an environmentally sound, reliable and affordable energy supply and, for the first time, mapped a road to the age of renewable energy.

Wind Turbine

German energy policy

Germany's progressive climate and energy policy is successfully reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing the use of renewables, increasing energy efficiency and creating green jobs. Economic efficiency, security of supply and environmental compatibility: these are the central aims of German energy policy.

Windmills at sunset

Focus on renewable energy

The finite supply of fossil fuels makes their use unsustainable. Recognizing this fact and its inevitable consequences, the German government has developed ambitious plans for its future energy use and supply, shaping a policy that incresasingly embraces the use of renewable energy. Current scenarios show that in just ten years, renewables can cover 40 percent of Germany's electricity supply.


Electrical grid

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