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Germany is located in the heart of Europe, offers a highly developed infrastructure and a broad spectrum of qualified personnel. 

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Also Germany has a rich history of ideas and innovations that still have an impact on the world we live in today. 

Products with the “Made in Germany” seal stand for the highest quality worldwide. This has played no small part in maintaining Germany’s position as world champion exporter for many years. The automobile, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and chemical sectors are particularly strong. 

Industries of the future such as environmentally friendly energy production and nanotechnology, in which the number of patent applications is doubling every two years, are steadily gaining in importance. Foreign investors can profit from the “Made in Germany” seal of quality.

Germany. Smart Solutions. Smarter Business.

Smart solutions developed in Germany are providing innovative answers to global challenges of energy demand, climate change, and a global population in transformation. The 20th anniversary of German reunification in October 2010 provided an ideal window of opportunity for Germany Trade & Invest to communicate this important marketing message to a global audience with the official launch of its “GERMANY. SMART SOLUTIONS. SMARTER BUSINESS.” international media campaign.

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Online resource for professionals interested in working in Germany

Would you like to work in Germany? It might be easier than you think. The Qualified Professionals Initiative has created the "Welcome to Germany" Portal to show qualified professionals from other countries the way to Germany – and what makes it worthwhile to live and work there.

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10 reasons to invest in Germany

Germany offers a variety of outstanding aspects that make it a unique destination for business. Here we've just listed 10 of the many reasons for investing in Germany that are as numerous as they are diverse.

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

What do the jet engine, the beer and the nylon plug have in common? All of them were invented in Germany and have formed life on earth as we know it significantly.

Business Destination Germany

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Germany's Business Environment - A Brief Guide

Germany’s Business Environment: A Brief Guide

This compact guide to Germany´s business environment compiled by Germany Trade and Invest gives you all the essential information you need.

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy

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